How to Enter

  1. To buy a balloon(s) start by creating an account.
  2. Add the balloon(s) to your cart by redeeming your voucher, if you have one, using the activation code on the back of your voucher. Alternatively you can purchase a balloon and pay by using your credit card or Paypal. You will receive an email confirming your purchase
  3.

  4. It's now time to decorate your balloon - choose from various shapes, colours, add pattern and your name. Change the amount of helium too if you wish
  5. The race launches on 28 March 2015, 16:00pm. You can login using the email address and password you have created to see your balloon flying over Google Maps. Good luck, the race is on!

Two Great Causes

Thank you for supporting two great causes, MAP and Macmillan. We hope you all have fun creating and designing your own balloon.

MAP Working Hard

Montgomeryshire Against Pylons (MAP) has been working for nearly four years to prevent the desecration of Mid Wales and Shropshire by National Grid's Mid Wales Project.

Macmillan Cancer

Macmillan help provide vital support for those affected by cancer. Many of you will have experience of the important work they do, or have friends or family who have found the care they provide invaluable.